Ljubljana The Foodie Paradise

Come away with me, the best is yet to be was definitely the theme when we visited Slovenia.

The country of Slovenia will surprise you in the best of ways.

We took a stroll through a farmers market and the produce was fantastic!


For starters, Slovenia has some of the best water in the world.  I’m being so serious right now. I know you’re like what? Water, but guys… Seriously the best water in the world. People fill it up from taps in the street and take it home. Order the water at any restaurant and it’s sure to be a treat. I wanted to take a hundred er… a couple of gallons with me when we left. Water so phenomenally good that it deserved its own paragraph.

The Artist with the rock sculpture she did during our hike in the Vintgar Gorge.


Now that we’re over the water, let’s discuss the food.

My Sister in Law, a mutual friend of ours, and I all decided before we visited Slovenia that we were going to be all about learning through eating. We chose to book a food tour with Top Ljubljana Food Tours and OMG are we glad that we did.

The group that we toured with was so much fun. We had couples from Australia, England, Scotland, and The Netherlands. The conversation that flowed while walking through the beautiful city of Ljubljana was incredible and I swear by this: If you want to get to know someone, eat with them.

I do believe we made some great friends that day and our tour guide Tina was super knowledgeable, as well as fantastic at engaging with the group to draw out the fun side of our personalities.

Guys, if you’re ever in Slovenia I highly recommend this tour and if you are interested in traveling and have questions, please reach out to Tina here at Go To Slovenia Travel.

Mr. Foodie talked me into doing this. The Athlete and The Artist are in the lift behind us. The view was incredible from the top.  Straza Bled, Alpine Coaster.  (Lake Bled)

I can’t wait to get back.

Slovenia definitely has my heart.

Until Next Taste,
Foodie Finds Home

Below you will find a list of the restaurants we visited while on the tour. The tour lasted around 4 hours and we ended at a rooftop restaurant where our group hung out for a couple of hours after the tour and enjoyed each others company along with some fantastic desserts.


Visit Slovenia.


zlikrofi = dumplings with potatoes filling
Wine: bele strune = white strings from Goriska Brda
2. GÜJZNA (Possibly my favorite dish, so simple yet so full of flavor)
Bujta repa = turnip stew with pork and millet
Wine: zeleni silvanec
Kranjska klobasa = Carniola sausage or Kranjska sausage
Wine: cviček from Lower Carniola SE Slovenia (the belly of our chicken)
Sardines and Adriatic squids with Trieste sauce

Wine: Malvazia

Prosciutto on white bread
Wine: red wine Teran from Karst
6. NEBOTICNIK (Rooftop Restaurant/Bar)
Prekmurska gibanica = over the Mura moving layered cake

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16 thoughts on “Ljubljana The Foodie Paradise

  1. Being in the city, we don’t go to farmer’s markets as much as I’d like. I’d love to go to this one some day! The food looks so delicious!


  2. Slovenia sounds like an amazing place to visit! And I love enjoying views from a lift. I’m sure your visit was more fun too with all the restaurants you visited!


  3. I have no idea that Ljubljana is a food paradise. Going for a food tour there sounds amazing and not to mention you get to know so many people, and what a view!


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