Back to School (Foodie Style)

Well, it’s that time again.

The weather is getting cooler just kidding. I live in Florida, and it is somehow getting hotter, but I digress.

It’s time for school!

This year we had probably one of the most lowkey summer’s we’ve had in a loooong time and if I’m being honest, it was absolutely amazing.  No plans, no traveling, no nothing, but whatever we felt like doing and it was glorious. No camps, no traffic, nothing. We read lots of books, played games, went to the pool, ate ice cream for breakfast and did all the things that we don’t do or put off during the school year. We slept in… WE SLEPT IN!

Guys, the sleeping in thing was huge. The Tiniest Foodie who was 4 up until July had a really interesting habit of waking up at 5 AM EVERY morning, no matter the day. She turned five and like magic, she started to sleep in. It’s incredible and well long overdue for this mama, and also quite bittersweet. My baby is slowly but surely becoming no longer my baby.

She is a Kindergartener! The Artist, a Freshman, The Athlete, a Middle Schooler until we PCS, and The Foodie Critic, a First-Grader.

BTS 19

One thing that I try to do during the school week is to have easy access for the kids to make their own lunches. It saves me a bit of time to do other things and also gives them the opportunity to be responsible and make their own choices based on their tastes.

Lunch Boxes
Lunchboxes go out the night before school.

I try to make sure that the kids have access to all they need to make a healthy meal.


Sandwich Stuff
I’m not a big bread eater, but my kids LOVE a good variety of choices for their sandwiches. 

Fruits are a must or the natives will get restless if this fruit bowl dare be empty. LOL

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure… Or something like that… 

And last but certainly not least, one must have a treat or two in the house. They also have items in the fridge, but we’re not on that level yet for me to show you that crapshow… Not yet, maybe at the new duty station, but certainly not here in Florida. LOL

The Skinny Pop has been hit or miss, ZBars are a staple, and so are the Annie’s Bunnies. What snacks are staples in your pantry? 


So yeah, the kids do lunches and I do my makeup. Ha! Not. I get to make breakfast and spend time chatting about the upcoming day with them, which I love doing. It gives us a peaceful, yet productive start to our day.

You guys, it has been bittersweet having all of the kids out of the house. I miss them during the day. The chaos, the laughter, the conversations they have about everything and nothing at all.

I always thought I would relish this season for the sheer reason that I can do whatever I want for 6 incredible hours a day… And don’t get wrong, some days I do, but most days I miss them.

Do you ever feel that when your kids are at school? Do you miss them or do you deliciously delight in your peace?


Share your thoughts with me.

Until Next Taste,
Foodie Finds Home

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Military Spouse, Mom x4, Foodie, Semi-crunchy, Travel Aficionado, and Fitness Enthusiast sharing our life and kitchen while learning to make home our favorite place to be.

8 thoughts on “Back to School (Foodie Style)

  1. Having your kids make lunch themselves a day before is a great idea. Not to say to save time but also allows them to gain independence and make healthy choice. Great options you have for them!


  2. What a great way to teach some independence with our kids. We never did this with our kids, and I wish we had. It would have saved us a lot of headache.


  3. I sometimes enjoying the moment of being at peace when they are at their school but I actually missed them most of the time.


  4. I love the idea of having the kids make their launch. It really helps with principles and you don’t have to do it for them! win-win!
    haha thanks for sharing


  5. my youngest can’t wait for school to start. she starts monday and my oldest the week after but she is ok with waiting longer lol.


  6. I can’t believe school is almost back in here! My hubby’s a teacher and he starts back next week. The kids come the week after. I’ll miss him! So I can imagine it’s extra hard with little ones. Love the routine you’ve created ♡


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