About Foodie Finds Home

“Home is here”
She would point to my heart.
She would say, “Home is the love you give,
the laughter you share, the kindness you give away,
and the people you help along the way. Home is the
beautiful family you have and where they are your home is there too.
Home is whatever you make it.
Wherever your heart is, there is your home”

Welcome to Foodie Finds Home

A blog based on Lifestyle, Food, Travel, and lots of Fun.

Mrs. Foodie is a military spouse, and mom x4.

Here we navigate our everyday
life (joys & pains)
our home
and our travels,
along with some of the
wisdom, wit,  and awesome cooking that was
taught to us by family
as well as what we’ve picked up along the way traveling the world

Our hope is that as you journey with us
and that you grow too, just as much as we do from
learning to make home
(wherever that is at the moment)
our favorite
place to be
one delicious bite
at a time.

Until Next Taste,
Foodie Finds Home

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