And I say…. Hey, What’s going on?

I have been putting off this post for a while… Things have been less than (insert adjective here). While I like to keep it uplifting and positive here, I realize that it is my responsibility to be as transparent and authentic as possible… Life right now is ugly, messy, crazy, beautiful, chaotic, and surprisingly sometimesContinue reading “And I say…. Hey, What’s going on?”

Easy and Delicious 5-Minute Hummus

Did you guys know that May 21st is National Hummus Day? I know I haven’t gotten into it yet on this blog, but before we moved to Europe,  our little family (at the time) had the distinct pleasure of spending a few years living in the Middle East. At first, (I’m going to be completelyContinue reading “Easy and Delicious 5-Minute Hummus”

Panhandle Caviar (Summer Side Dish)

I’m just stopping in to drop off another quick and easy recipe that I’ve been making for quite some time now It’s a dish that’s a  huge hit with everyone grown-ups and kids alike! This one is from one that I learned from my great aunt and after making it a few times, while doingContinue reading “Panhandle Caviar (Summer Side Dish)”