Third Post of the Year

Good grief, how is it possible that the last time I posted was in January. Ugh… How did I let myself get that busy? Never again, friends, never again. I have been debating about posting here on this blog because well… I always get nervous about posting. I keep wondering where that 2004 blogger isContinue reading “Third Post of the Year”

The Athlete’s Dream Birthday (Paris, France)

When I was little, I always wanted to be a singer. I loved Whitney Houston and had been told I sounded like her when I sing. I still get that compliment, but alas, I’m not a multi-million album selling singer (much to my chagrin). I say all this because clearly this blog is called FoodieContinue reading “The Athlete’s Dream Birthday (Paris, France)”

Does Anyone Blog Anymore?

No, that’s not a rhetorical question. I’ve been wondering this since I’ve put my pinkie toe back in. A lot has changed since I was a serious blogger and it’s been interesting to observe. I remember my first blog post back in 2006. It was awful. I was nervous. I was excited. It was crazy.Continue reading “Does Anyone Blog Anymore?”