New Home On The Horizon

Yep, you read that right. We are leaving Florida shortly for a new destination. Huzzah!!! I am excited. I tend to usually get excited about starting somewhere new. Well, that’s not entirely true. Here’s what really happens, let me know if you can relate… I get anxious, overwhelmed, nervous, and I overthink all of theContinue reading “New Home On The Horizon”

Back to School (Foodie Style)

Well, it’s that time again. The weather is getting cooler just kidding. I live in Florida, and it is somehow getting hotter, but I digress. It’s time for school! This year we had probably one of the most lowkey summer’s we’ve had in a loooong time and if I’m being honest, it was absolutely amazing. Continue reading “Back to School (Foodie Style)”

Ljubljana The Foodie Paradise

Come away with me, the best is yet to be was definitely the theme when we visited Slovenia. The country of Slovenia will surprise you in the best of ways.   For starters, Slovenia has some of the best water in the world.  I’m being so serious right now. I know you’re like what? Water,Continue reading “Ljubljana The Foodie Paradise”

Peach Bruschetta Blue Grilled Cheese

Today I thought I’d share one of my favorite and easy summertime supper recipes. Everyone that tries this raves about it, and I love making the peach bruschetta as an appetizer or even as a topping for salmon or chicken. The bruschetta is such a versatile little dish and packs a flavorful punch. I hopeContinue reading “Peach Bruschetta Blue Grilled Cheese”

Villa Trapp – Salzburg, Austria Adventure!

Visiting Salzburg, Austria was probably one of my favorite things to do. Staying at the actual Von Trapp Villa was bucket list worthy. The grounds were extensive and a load of fun for tiny travelers to run and play. The history found inside the home was incredible, and of course, we had to sing onContinue reading “Villa Trapp – Salzburg, Austria Adventure!”